SicFlics – Eggplant Stretching

This babe isn’t playing around, she can stick in her tight pussy everything you want. In this SicFlics gallery she decided to pick the first thing she sees in her kitchen. As you can all see, she found an eggplant to help her out this time. She went in the bedroom, bent over and shoved the eggplant in her wet pussy. Check it out and watch a superb and sexy little lady that likes to play naughty and kinky with some nice and big vegetables this nice afternoon. We bet that this will be to your liking too.

As this cute babe’s scene starts off, she explains to you what she will be getting around to doing, and you will get front row seats to her sex show today. And so she takes off her clothes, and even her cute purple panties, and she pulls out this nice and big eggplant. And she casually tells you that it will almost all go into her pussy. Sit back and enjoy as you can see the sexy and hot lady taking that nice and big thing into her pussy nice and deep as she moans in pleasure while doing it today. See you soon!


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