Four Carrots One Asshole

Hey there, as you know sicflics is always here with some superb scenes for you. Today we have another amazing thing to show off and it happens to be this vegetarian lady with a kink for…well you’ll get to see what it is soon enough. But judging by where you are on the internet right now, you can probably take a pretty educated guess anyway. So, this babe here likes to eat healthy…The thing is that that healthy style of hers, doesn’t just cover what she eats, she also has a thing for taking her veggies and giving her pussy a nice and deep fucking with them, and in this new sic flics scene you get to see it all go down!

For her showing off part of the gallery, she wanted to show you all how many carrots she can stick in her fine and sexy ass  and it’s no less than four pretty fairly sized ones too. To start off however, she gets to do some showing off her body as she strips and that’s a pretty sweet treat to enjoy as well. Anyway, then watch her bend over and sliding them in one by one until all four are just about halfway in. She also has this guy helping her out with the whole thing, and she was enjoying every second of it too. We hope that you’ll have fun seeing this babe enjoy herself getting her ass stuffed with veggies today and we’ll bring you more next week!


See this chick getting her ass stuffed with carrots!