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Double Anal

You already know you can’t find kinkier chicks that here at sicflics. These chicks are crazy just look at this one getting her ass fisted and double fisted. Crazy! This chick has a lot to show you guys so stay close to what she’s up to in this one. In case you want to see more anal sex, you must see these nasty anal angels getting their asses stuffed and stretched. The chicks are getting wilder and wilder, willing to try out a lot of crazy things and the chick we have today is the proof of that. Maybe we’ve see some pussy fisting, but when is the last time you saw a double anal fisting or even better have you ever seen a chick taking two fists up her ass? We thought so! So buckle up because we have a nasty ride ahead of us.

The slutty chick has a man that loves trying out new things and a few days he saw some fisting scenes and he knew he had to try them out for himself. You can barely find a chick that will get her ass fuck, so this guy is really lucky because the chick not only agreed she was the one that wanted to take two fists up her holes. So it wasn’t such a bad decision to try it out after all. This is a really lucky guy and you get to see his kinky girl getting her fine ass stretched in the gallery below. Stay close for more updates!

Double Anal

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Dildo Insertion

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get crazier that this, Sicflics has another crazy scene for you guys. Things can get a bit out of control around here and you are always going to find something that will surprise you. Be honest when is the last time you saw extreme dildo insertions? It’s been a while right? Well this is a great place for these kind of things. If you wanna check out more kinky scenes make you guys check out nasty babes from 21sextreme and their crazy sex scenes as well.

In the scene today we have another kinky slut testing her limits and as you are going to see in the scene below, as the scene goes one, the toys get bigger and bigger. You can’t even imagine the toy collection this kinky slut has. You’ve never seen dildos these big in your entire life, so get ready to be amazed. And this isn’t even the best part, the fun started when she begins to try them on and stuff her holes with them. If you taught you knew what stretching to the limits means, you are wrong! This kinky chick below is here to prove you wrong and show you what stretching really means. So you might want to see the entire scene, we think you’re gonna like it. See you guys next time with more kinky updates!


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SicFlics – extreme insertion

It seems that for this horny naughty New Year Eve came a little bit earlier. Only that in a slightly  different manner. Being home alone and horny she decided to see just how flexible her ass is and the result was a sicflics extreme insertion. She managed to cram deep inside her a bottle of champagne and as she felt the bottle going deep into her, she started to moan and feel the pleasure. You have to check her out at sic flics and see how champagne can make you drunk of happiness without even drinking it.

We just had to bring you this update today here as we have another lady with a very elastic ass. She was all dressed in a sexy and kinky little red night outfit, and she was intending to take a nice and big champagne bottle in her sweet and nice round ass today. Sit back and watch closely at this babe as you get to see her shoving the bottle nice and deep in her butt hole while she was also rubbing her pink pussy too. See you one more time next week with a fresh and hot new gallery to see everyone!

sicflics extreme insertion

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SicFlics – Double Fisting

Check out this slutty SicFlics bitch just craving for a rough pounding. With a pussy like hers a serious stretching needs lots and lots of work. So this poor guy after fucking her as rough as he could, started fisting her eager pussy, first with one of his fists and continuing with the other one. Check it out and have some more fun this fine afternoon as you get to see quite a fine and mature woman enjoying a nice and hard style double fisting in front of the cameras today.


Even though she is older than this guy, she still proves that she can handle some pretty wacky fetishes, even having some of her own. She worked the guy’s nice and big cock with her mouth, but then instead of getting a dicking she just begged the guy to fist fuck her. Sit back and enjoy watching her enjoying herself as the guy slides both of his palms in her sweet pussy and fist fucks her nice and hard making her orgasm rather fast too. Enjoy the scene and see you soon as always!

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Drenched in Piss

SicFlics brought another crazy bitch ready to do some damage. After getting fucked in every possible way by these two studs and their fat tools, this cute blonde need to cool off, so the guys helped her out. They took their tools and started peeing on her and of course she tried to swallow as much piss as she could. Check it out and watch this mature babe having her fun with the two lucky studs in their amazing threesome for this nice and hot afternoon update today everyone.

This mature babe is quite the naughty and kinky slut and she just adores spending time fucking more than one guy. Today she got two of them like we said, and you get to see her begin with a superb double blowjob as well to get them hard. Then she takes herself a nice and hard double pussy and ass fucking, and to top this superb scene off, the lady lets the dudes piss all over her face and body at the end of the scene too. As usual we hope you liked it and we’ll see you soon with many more scenes!


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SicFlics – Huge Brown Dildo

This SicFlics hottie just can’t get enough of her enormous tool. This time she started to stretch her tight wet pussy to the limits and she got it. She carefully placed her huge brown dildo on the table, spread her long legs wide open and shoved it in her wet pussy. And she went deeper and deeper. Check her out and her amazingly sexy and hot scene as she takes that big black monster toy nice and deep in her wet and eager cunt just for you guys in this afternoon.


As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this cutie along with her update. This babe likes huge things in her pussy, and even though she regularly fucks guys packing serious cocks, she has her own toys that do the job better. Namely this humongous brown dildo. Sit back and watch her panting it on a chair, and then see her moaning as she tries to take it as deep as possible in her wet cunt for her afternoon self pleasing session today. We hope you’ll like it!

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Anal Intensity

Well, SicFlics really brings you the craziest babe in the business. This babe really knows what a hardcore party means and she took it to the next level. After drinking a few glasses she decided to find a better use for that bottle. So she went outside with one of her friends, took of her panties, spread her legs wide open and let the huge champagne bottle destroy her tight asshole. Enjoy one more fresh and hot update and see another lovely babe getting her holes stretched nicely by a big thing today.

This lovely cutie wanted to do her anal stretching session outdoors and this guy was all willing to help her no questions asked. Take the time to enjoy seeing her moaning in pleasure as the bottle goes nice and deep in her ass and see her enjoying every moment of it. Of course when the bottle comes out at the end you get to see this babe’s ass stretched nicely after the hard style anal pleasing with the huge bottle. Enjoy it and see you soon as always with some more scenes. We’ll see you guys next week as per usual with fresh stuff!


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SicFlics – Extreme Stretching

SicFlics brought another naughty gal. Although he has a man at home, he just can’t please her eager pussy. So she had to take matters in her own hands. She took her monster dildo, bent over in her bed, completely naked and started pleasing her pussy. She shoved the enormous dildo in her pussy stretching it to the limits. Check it out and amaze yourselves as this slutty woman takes a nice and big black dildo up in her pussy for this nice evening today everyone.


She just adores this particular sex toy as she can inflate it as much as she wants and have her fun with her cunt being stretched nicely. of course she wants to display how big of a dildo she can take in her cunt, so she pumps that toy nicely. Watch her use plenty of lube as well as she wants to make sure that it slides in easily too. We hope that you liked seeing this sexy and hot curvy babe fuck herself nice and deep with her toy and stay tuned for more stuff next time!

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Glass Dildo

SicFlics is back with another wild gallery. This time we have an experienced slut to teach you how things must be done. She jumped right to the huge toys, spreading her legs wide open and letting the monster glass dildo do his magic. She shoved it in her eager wet pussy stretching it to the limits. Check her out in this amazing new scene, and see just how crazy this wild babe can be when she has a point to prove with her update. So let’s not delay and get her show on the road today.

Like we said, she had this huge glass dildo ready to slide in her pussy for your viewing pleasure and you can bet that the babe took all of it nice and deep too. Enjoy with the view of her fucking herself and see her moaning in pleasure as she keeps sliding that humongous sex toy in and out of her pussy for this nice and sexy update today. We hope to have her here again with more incredible stuff just like this one. Until next week, enjoy yourselves everyone!


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SicFlics – Eggplant Stretching

This babe isn’t playing around, she can stick in her tight pussy everything you want. In this SicFlics gallery she decided to pick the first thing she sees in her kitchen. As you can all see, she found an eggplant to help her out this time. She went in the bedroom, bent over and shoved the eggplant in her wet pussy. Check it out and watch a superb and sexy little lady that likes to play naughty and kinky with some nice and big vegetables this nice afternoon. We bet that this will be to your liking too.


As this cute babe’s scene starts off, she explains to you what she will be getting around to doing, and you will get front row seats to her sex show today. And so she takes off her clothes, and even her cute purple panties, and she pulls out this nice and big eggplant. And she casually tells you that it will almost all go into her pussy. Sit back and enjoy as you can see the sexy and hot lady taking that nice and big thing into her pussy nice and deep as she moans in pleasure while doing it today. See you soon!

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